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Long's Air Conditioning and Heating

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Replacing or Upgrading your Heating and Cooling Systems

Everyone wants to know -- How much does a new heating or cooling system cost. There isn't a short answer. The price varies depending on numerous factors including, but not limited to the size of the system needed for your home, the type of system selected, the amount of time needed to complete the job.

There are usually three reasons people purchase a new heating or cooling system
  1. They are building a new home or business
  2. They want to conserve energy and/or reduce their utility bills
  3. Their system is old, broken, or inefficient

Take into consideration the following when deciding if an upgrade or replacement is best for you:

Energy upgrades:

Upgrading your heating and cooling system to a higher efficiency system will reduce your energy costs. Depending on the upgrade, you can save between 25% and 50% on your utility bills. The higher the efficiency the greater the savings. Over the last 5 years, manufacturers have produced much more efficient systems. If you are looking to conserve your energy output and save some money, installing a high-efficiency system is your best bet. Long's can install a 96% efficient furnace which will out perform any furnace installed 5 or more years ago.  

The cost of repairs versus the cost of replacing your unit:
Often people wait until their furnace/boiler/AC breaks before they even consider replacing it. All machines and equipment have a life expectancy. When a furnace that is near its life expectancy breaks, replacing it may be the best action. Here is why: once one component breaks in an older system, it is likely that other components will break in the near future. As a system ages its efficiency tends to decline which results in higher utility costs.

Sometimes the cost of replacing an older furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner may seem too expensive. With every system there comes a time when replacing it cost less than repairing it. The trick is knowing when that time is. The following should help you determine when it is best to replace your heating or cooling system.

Costs to you now:
Sometime the cost to get your heat running again in your house is the same or less to replace the system than to repair it. However, the cost could be less expensive to repair it, but the costs of repairs have a tendency to grow in time. Therefore you must look at the long term costs of repairing an older furnace. 

Costs to you in the long run:
If you have an older heating or cooling system (10 to 15 years old), you could save 25% to 50% on your heating and cooling costs. Replacing your furnace or air conditioner can pay for itself in time. An upgrade to a higher efficiency unit will yield higher savings, but replacing your 80% efficient furnace with a new 80% furnace can also cut utility costs. The reason is that the efficiency rating is determined when the system is new. Time and usage can decrease the efficiency over time. Yearly maintenance services can help preserve the efficiency of your unit, but over a long period time most efficiency ratings decline.

When you replace a unit you eliminate the need for future repairs and service call fees. At Longs all of our major installations (boilers, AC units, Furnaces, and combo installations) come with 2 years of parts and labor coverage. We use quality products that come with warranties covering parts ranging from one year to 10 years. We also offer additional parts and labor agreements at an affordable price so you will never have to worry about unexpected service costs again.

Other factor

When you replace a heating or cooling unit such as a furnace you may also want to consider adding/replacing other heating and cooling tools. Heating and cooling systems run at there best and at a lower cost when they are accompanied by quality thermostats, humidifiers, and zoning systems. New programmable thermostats keeps your system running only when you are home. Adding a humidifier will help maintain a proper humidity, but also makes air feel warmer which allows you to lower your thermostat setting.

As we mentioned before upgrading to a higher efficiency model will save you more money. So don't be discouraged by the price tag. You will save a ton of money on your utilities and our Amana and Goodman products come with 10-year part warranties that ensures you don't have to worry about parts or replacement costs for 10 years.
Long's Air Conditioning and Heating is located at 583 Fischer Blvd. in Toms River. Long's services Monmouth and Ocean County.