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Indoor Air Quality
We know that temperature is not the only aspect to keeping your home cozy- indoor air quality is just as important. Comfortable air comes from a combination of adjustable temperatures, cleanliness, and humidity. For that reason, Long's Air Conditioning and Heating has several indoor air quality solutions available for your home and business.

If you have pets in your homes, someone who smokes in the house, a family member that suffers from allergies or asthma, someone that has suffers from a dry throat or skin, there's a lot of static electricity or odors tend to linger in your home, you could be in need of a quality air solution. Also if you have ever used a portable air cleaner or humidifier, have rooms that vary dramatically in temperature, or use anti-bacterial products you would benefit from using one of the indoor air quality products we sell.

We recommend you read our blog post- Indoor Air Quality: What Everyone Should Know  for more information about air quality at home.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

Whole-house Electronic Cleaner- This product is great for households with pets, smokers, or people with allergies or asthma. A whole house air cleaner traps and filters up to 99% of airborne particles that pass through the duct system and sends out cleaner air to the house. The cleaner can also help with the performance of you air conditioning and furnace, by keeping dust and dander out.

Whole-house humidifier- This product helps homes that are too dry. It helps to alleviate dry skin, dry throats, and static electricity. The whole-house humidifier maintains a proper humidity throughout your house. A home humidifier may help reduce heating costs since humidified air tends to feel warmer.

Apco in-duct Air Purifier- The UV treatment system is perfect for families concerned about eliminating germs, bacteria, and mold. The UV system kills mold and airborne bacteria before they enter the duct system and your home. In addition to a blue tube IV light, the Apco also uses carbon cells to eliminate odors and transform dust and particles into harmless particles.

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Whole-house UV treatment System- The UV treatment system is perfect for families concerned about eliminating germs, bacteria, and mold. The UV system kills mold and airborne bacteria before they enter the duct system and your home.  
Whole-house ventilation system- The ventilation system is ideal for homes that have air that feels stale and in which smells seem to linger. The ventilation systems works like an open window, exchanging stale air with fresh filtered air into the house.

Zoning system- Installing a zoning system will put an end to over cooling one room to get a comfortable temperature in another. The zoning system is an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your house evenly. The zoning system uses dampers that open and close in your duct work based on thermostats located in each zone.


The benefits of improving your indoor air quality includes reducing asthma and allergy triggers, reducing musty smells, preserve living spaces, improve home resale value, and fight against insect infestation. 

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583 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River, NJ 08753 732- 929-0380

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