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Long's Air Conditioning and Heating

583 Fischer Blvd. Toms River, NJ 08753 - 732-929-0380

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Energy Saving Agreement

 Long's offers the Energy Saving Agreement as our way to keep our customers maintenance needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our operation. We even offer the option to sign up for three years to lock in the current rate. We service Ocean and Monmouth County.

Just as cars need to be maintained with oil changes, tire rotations and more, so does your furnace, boiler, and AC system.

Just what is the Energy Saving Agreement? a scheduled maintenance procedure performed by our trained technicians on your AC and/ore heating system.

During an A/C tune-up our techs:

Clean evaporator coils, condenser coil, and drains, adjust bypass dampers, clean or replace filters*, monitor expansion valves, tighten electrical connections, measure temperature differences, check fan blades, adjust thermostat calibration, check, start, and run capacitors and relays, measure amperage draw, lubricate fan motor, adjust operating pressures, monitor refrigerant level, evaluate safety controls, measure voltage differences, and apply protective coating to unit.

During a heat tune-up our techs:

Evaluate the vent system, set burner adjustment, measure gas input, set manifold pressure, check air flow, evaluate duct work, inspect valves, clan or replace filters, evaluate safety controls, lubricate fan motor, test thermocouple, clean and inspect heat exchanger, adjust thermostat calibration, check fan blades for tightness, clean or replace humidifier pad.

Gas hot water boiler tune-ups available too!

  • A 10% discount on repair services and parts
  • Improve efficiency of your system by 21%
  • Add one to eight years to your equipment life
  • Improve capacity by 25%
  • Reduce cooling and heating costs
  • Inflation proof
  • Become a priority customer.

What it does not cover -- Parts and Labor costs for repairs. While you receive a 10% discount on parts and labor for being an Energy Saving Agreement customer, this is not a parts and labor agreement. Check out our Ultimate Service Agreement for parts and labor coverage.
Sign up today for Long's Energy Saving Agreement. Call us at 732-929-0380

*Media filters are an additional charge.